Accelerate Your Business Online Performance

The COVID-19 pandemic has forever changed how we do business. It required us to determine who and what was mission-critical and forced us to develop a new roadmap to long-term business success. And more than ever, it comes down to our online accessibility and the speed at which we can access information. People have been accustomed to being able to surf the web, shop, and navigate websites at an ultra-fast pace. As such, if your website is slow, unresponsive, or isn’t maintain optimal up times, you could be losing out on gaining a competitive advantage as well as thousands of dollars in potential revenue. Afriezon IT Services offers fully managed hosting services because we excel in core competencies. Our cutting-edge site optimization enhances your business’s online speed and efficiency, which can give customers or clients improved access while protecting against potential brute-force DDoS attacks.


Backed by measurable deliverables, our professional website hosting services feature:

  • Dedicated Resource Servers
  • Lightning-Fast Hosting with Up To 32GB RAM
  • Up To 2 TB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Performance Accelerator for Faster Load Times
  • Instant-Load Pages for User-Friend Accessibility
  • Proactive Admin Site Updates (24/7)
  • Regular Plugin, Theme, Core Files and PHP Updates
  • Consistent Design and Development (24/7)
  • Daily Online and Off-Site Data Backups with Real-Time Notifications
  • Weekly Offline External Backups
  • Disaster Recovery Backup Server Support

Ensure your website can sustain massive customer loads, provides customers with unmatched accessibility, and propels your business forward past competitors by reaching out to Afriezon's IT Services today and learning how we help businesses thrive in any market.